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National ImplementationTask Force for Accreditation in Health Education
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Randall Cottrell David Birch

Letter from the Co-chairs

Greetings and welcome to the website of the National Implementation Task Force for Accreditation in Health Education. As co-chairs of the task force, we are pleased that you have accessed this site and hope you find it helpful. At this site you will find information pertaining to:

  • program accreditation in health education,
  • the history of the movement toward accreditation of professional preparation programs in health education as a quality assurance mechanism,
  • the SABPAC program approval process,
  • definitions of key terms and links to important sources of related information, and
  • upcoming conference presentations, meetings, and opportunities to participate in the profession-wide dialogue on health education professional preparation and program accreditation.

From a historical perspective, we are now the third task force to address the issue of academic program accreditation.

Read Entire Letter (PDF File)

The task force sponsors 1-2 webinars each year to provide updates to the field. To access the latest recordings, see http://sophe.peachnewmedia.com/store/provider/custompage.php?pageid=6

Undergraduate Public Health
To read the Task Force’s latest comments on undergraduate public health critical component elements, click here

Background Reading

Statement of Principles and Recommendations (PDF File)
Read the National Task Force’s principles and recommendations, endorsed by both the SOPHE and AAHE boards and accepted in principle by the National Commission on Health Education Credentialing.

SABPAC Statement 2008 (PDF File)

Frequently Asked Questions about SABPAC and the Recommendations(PDF File)

Call for Public Comments and Questions
Your feedback is welcome on the National Accreditation Task Force report, its “Statement of Principles and Recommendations”, “Frequently Asked Questions about SABPAC and the Recommendations” and other issues related to health education accreditation. Comments, questions, concerns, and ideas will help the Task Force engage the dialogue in the coming months. Email info@healthedaccred.org.

History: The 2001-2004 National Task Force on Accreditation in Health Education (PDF File)
Read a summary of the history, charge, process, and accomplishments of the 2001-2004 National Task Force on Accreditation in Health Education.

Benefits of Accreditation (PDF File)
Read why program accreditation is the preferred quality assurance mechanism for health education.

Upcoming Presentations (PDF File)
Read abstracts of presentations of the National Transition Task Force at upcoming professional meetings and related content areas.

Current System of Quality Assurance Providers (MS Word File)
Read about the current credentialing agencies in health education.