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Third National Congress for Institutions Preparing Health Educators: Linking Program Assessment, Accountability and Improvement, February 23-25, 2006, Dallas, TX
Program from the Third National Congress, which built on prior seminal meetings of health education faculty in Birmingham (1981) and Dallas (1996) to support continuous quality improvement of the health education profession.

History: The 2001-2004 National Task Force on Accreditation in Health Education (PDF File)
Read a summary of the history, charge, process, and accomplishments of the 2001-2004 National Task Force on Accreditation in Health Education.

Exploring the Problem: Backgrounder (MS Word File)
In January 2000, SOPHE and AAHE convened a joint meeting to examine future directions for strengthening quality assurance of professional preparation in health education. Read the background summary that led to the landmark meeting.

Joint SOPHE/AAHE Exploratory Meeting – January 15-16, 2000 (MS Word File)
Key leaders in the field were invited to share their perceptions and insights on strengthening quality assurance for health education and to recommend SOPHE and AAHE’s future roles in this process. This report served as the genesis for the subsequent National Task Force on Accreditation in Health Education.

Chronology of Events of Quality Assurance Efforts for Professional Preparation in Health Education (PDF File)
Review the timeline of events from the 1950s onward to build a credentialing system for health education.

Select Issues Influencing Higher Education (MS Word File)
A quick summary of major factors impacting higher education in relation to accreditation.